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that creates an ongoing
income stream
by allowing you to take advantage
of cutting edge
biomedical innovation,
so you and your loved ones
can live long, healthy and wealthy.

Life changing information

The following information can improve your life beyond your imagination.

Let me ask you a few questions:

If not, leave right now, stay in the dark and continue downhill like the vast majority of people; otherwise read on and discover how simple it is to positively impact your future health and wealth.

Paint Your Perfect Day

Stop a moment and paint your perfect day, where time and money are not an issue. Let your imagination run wild...

For most of us, this little exercise is harder than we think... We are conditioned to live within our means. For a good reason: Anything else is unsustainable and will eventually lead to a big crash.

The majority of people will accept their lot in life, lower their dreams and aspirations to their income level and get on with it.

Chances are, you are different. There's this niggling feeling inside of you that there must be more to life than the daily grind. You are made for something bigger.

All you need is...

The Right Vehicle

Whether you are flat out busy or have plenty of time on your hands, whether you just want to cover your bills or gain financial freedom, whether you're a single parent or a successful business owner, whether you're just out of school or already retired, becoming an Isagenix Independent Associate is your ticket to making your perfect day a reality.

Prior knowledge is not required and you can get started straight away. Your support team will help you every step along the way.

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Isagenix Is My Vehicle of Choice

Being an IT consultant and having a young family, I am chronically time-poor. Life can be stressful at times and coupled with poor lifestyle choices in my past I encountered some health challenges that needed urgent attention. At the same time I needed to protect my income to provide for my family and to pursue my dreams and goals.

Isagenix had the answer to both problems: The very best quality products for optimum nutrition, weight loss, nutritional cleansing, youthful ageing and telomere support; and the opportunity to create an unlimited passive income by simply sharing my experience and introducing others to Isagenix.

Start up cost are minimal and personally using the products covers the small on-going overheads, brings health benefits and creates savings in other areas of the household budget.

Unlike conventional business, there is no office required and there are no fixed working times. Sharing Isagenix integrates beautifully alongside any other income stream, hence there's no requirement to quit or neglect the current income source.

The resources provided by Isagenix and Team FSI cover not only the products and the opportunity, but also personal growth, relationship skills and emotional intelligence, which improve all areas of life.

To sum it up: Unlimited income potential with minimal risk and maximum benefits.

See you on the team,

Chris Greten

More Reasons to Join The Team

Isagenix was founded by combining the talents of John Anderson, internationally acclaimed master formulator, and Jim and Kathy Coover, senior executives in the direct sales industry.

Enhance and Preserve Your Health

Isagenix is perfectly positioned in the major growth industry of the 21stCentury: The Health and Wellness Industry.

We all know that good nutrition, plenty of anti-oxidants, less stress and regular exercise will keep us healthy for longer. But despite the best efforts, people still get sicker as they get older. Why?

One reason is the lack of nutrients available from our diet. Depletion of soils and industrial farming has led to an unprecedented reduction of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients in our food. Isagenix products will provide you with all the essential building blocks your body needs.

With the 2009 Nobel Prize for Medicine, Telomere Biology has emerged as the answer to our declining health. Since then, numerous scientific studies have confirmed that diseases (especially degenerative diseases like heart attacks, dementia, arthritis and cancers) are linked to the length of our Telomeres. As such, Telomeres are the best indicator of our biological age - our body clock.

Telomeres shorten naturally with every cell division and in an accelerated fashion when under oxidative stress, which is why a healthy lifestyle decreases your chances of contracting diseases.

Have you been burning your candles on both ends?

The good news is that Telomeres can increase in length if the cells produce a particular enzyme. It has been proven that the production of this enzyme can be switched on by selected herbal extracts.

Wouldn't it be fabulous to stop or even wind back your body clock?

Do you have loved ones who would benefit from slowed down ageing and its associated issues?

Increase Your Finances

What good is a long and healthy life if you don't have the funds to enjoy it?

Who else has seen their parents work hard all their life in order to provide for the family and then have to cut back dramatically after retirement?

Wouldn't it be nice if you knew your future bills, school fees, hobbies and holidays are covered by an income that keeps going no matter if you're working or not?

In the current climate of long-term unemployment, business failures, job losses and government cutbacks, the only way to future proof your lifestyle is to create a passive income. The only problem is: Who's got the massive amount of money required to get a decent investment return or who has the time and know-how to create a great business?

So far, network marketing is the only way to consistently yield results for everyday people with limited funds and limited time available.

A networking business is usually operated from home, requires little to no knowledge, minimal start-up and running cost and allows its owner to keep working while the business grows. At the same time, it connects the owner with like-minded people, provides great learning opportunities and is a lot of fun.

Are You Ready?

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